11 March 2019

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive Analytics


What is descriptive analytics?


Descriptive analytics allows us, by processing data, to know the company's historical information, and therefore be able to perform a data analysis and know what happened during such period of time.

In the descriptive analytics we apply basic mathematics to know information, such as sales volume in a specific period, best-selling product, etc. For example, in this type of analysis we can find correlations between the best-selling products by the company and thus improve our services.

Therefore, it is an important tool to know what we can do in a campaign or event to maximize the benefits.

To further enhance descriptive analytics, tools such as dashboards are used, which allow us to display information easily and to optimally choose which analytical models we should use to better understand the customer.

If this description of the information is performed periodically, it is important to automate the processes; so the user can easily access the information.

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