8 March 2019




What is business analytics?


Currently, all companies know the great importance of making proper use of all generated information. The traditional information systems (BI) are obsolete in many cases, so aspects such as as big data, data science or data analytics become more important.

Within this field we can find different types of analytics, the first aspect to take into account is to know what type of analytics your company wants to carry out.

Ir a analítica descriptiva


This type of analytics is more focused on making a description of the company´s information.

Report automation.


Social Media reports.

Customer Knowledge.

Ir a analítica predictiva


Through predictive analytics the company will anticipate the events that happen in the market.

Product Recommender

Demand forecasting

Predictive model customer leak

Customer Churn model

Ir a analítica de prescriptiva


It is based on the search for a solution from different alternatives.

Commercial and financial planning.

Resource Management.

Estimation of stock replacement orders.

Preventive maintenance planning.

Schedule planning.



Advantages of advanced analytics:



To improve your sales, selling what your customers really need and want.

Analyzing the data generated in your CRM, website and physical stores we can customize your offer to suit your customers, offer new products of interest and loyalty to your brand.


To increase the ROI of your investments and advertising actions.

One of the goals of data analysis is to know which trades are profitable and which ones are not. Thanks to the historical data we can create different environments to measure which is the most optimum and make the right decisions.


To improve the usability of your website 

With advanced analytics you can know which pages are generating a bad user experience and fix it accordingly to improve the customer experience, and increase the conversion rate. An example would be the bounce rate or the time a user spends on that page.

Next you can find a detailed explanation of these types of analytics

Analítica descriptiva

Descriptive Analytics

Add value to your data.

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Analítica Predictiva

Predictive Analytics

Ahead of events.

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Analítica Prescriptiva

Prescriptive Analytics

Automates decision making.

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